Private Stock Distribution Services

If you’re a progressing dropshipper and want to increase your profit margins but don’t want the hassle of going wholesale, finding your own warehouse, employing staff, organising insurances etc etc then why not take advantage of our private stock distribution services. As you progress your retail sales there will be a point where you wish to sell items we do not have in our product range or move to wholesale pricing to increase your profit margins. The toy industry is notorious for its vast range of products. With new items being released daily its near on impossible to hold everything.

We have access to well over 50,000 items from all the major distributors and manufacturers around the world. From local UK suppliers to manufacturers in China. We can buy items in on your behalf or hold your own purchased stock in our warehouse. A private stock area will be activated in your account. You will be the only one who will have access to this stock list.

The costs:

  • £1.45 per dispatch + 30p per extra item taken from your private stock. (plus applicable shipping)
  • £15 per week per pallet space.
  • 1 pallet space is calculated at 100 x 120 x 220 cm

If you would like to open a Private Stock Distribution Account please fill out the below form.